Common mistakes players make in the Rise of kingdom

One of the common mistakes players make in the Rise of Kingdom is when they aren’t keeping the cues going at all times. In other words, if there are two builders going, then a player should probably be building two different things. If there is a military building that is idle, that bit makes military units than probably be making the military units. The resources required to use those are not that typically high the time is that crucial factor, so the buildings that have cued and academy each of those should be cranking on something all the time.

The big mistake that’s made initially in the early rise of kingdoms guide is joining the alliance. Players don’t have to find the perfect alliance of the bat. And this ties into the next tip that it is really common to stay in the alliance for the wrong reasons. So by that, it means if the alliance is not a great fit for the activity level for the types of things that a player wants to be doing, do not feel bad about going to an alliance that better fits the interest and schedules.

Stay somewhere that does not make sense because it gets attached to the places that a player is at. So the point is finding an alliance that fits and thank the folks for the opportunity to play with them, but if it makes sense to move on, it really can improve the gaming experience. The next mistake is doing the right activity at the wrong time. For example, it makes sense to be upgrading the buildings in the city, but it should be focusing on getting the city hall leveling up to the next level.

And should be doing the prerequisites that are required for that, so rather than level up all of the buildings evenly or rather than level up a whole bunch of buildings that aren’t required for the city hall. Those are good activities but not right now, and those make sense when the next level of city hall is in flight as an example. Doing to right activity at the wrong time can give a more concrete example.

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